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The Earthbound is a guild focused on team work, communication, and community building (in no particular order), usually in MMOs but also in other games. We are currently active mostly in WoW (Tichondrius, Horde side).

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Nu News

There I was... PvPing in Ashran

Izark, Jun 2, 15 1:48 AM.
Greetings everyone.  Well, it finally happened; I did a lot of PvP.  This is my Gladiator Sanctum and it is on fire.  It took a lot of Ashran premades and the better part of 3 weeks but the goal is accomplished: all 7 nemesis quests complete and last person standing in Highmaul's coliseum.  Glad to get this done before 6.2 hits and Ashran premades go bye bye.  If any of ya'll are still around hit me up... the grind continues in earnest.

Take care,

Warlords Beta

Izark, Sep 7, 14 7:50 AM.
Greetings from a level 100 on beta... it's Izark.  This is my boomstick.  There are many like it but this one is mine.

E3 - Battlefield Hardline Beta!

Izark, Jun 9, 14 4:35 PM.
News Flash...

Access is now open to Hardline Beta @


Another day, another dollar

Izark, Apr 22, 14 1:01 AM.

First, I hope this last month has treated you all well and (for those that celebrate) Easter was spent relaxing with friends and family.  Getting down to business, the release of Reaper of Souls was enjoyable for many reasons but mostly for getting some time in with guildies grabbing all the new gear.  It always a pain when any expansion releases.  You go from decent to instantly behind the power curve, again. BigJunior summed it up best: RoS is more fun with more people.

After RoS released Blizzard enabled Chat function in their Launcher and things work as advertised.  My small gripe is I'd like to have an invisible mode but other than that I'm a fan.  In the next year I can see Blizzard adding voice as well and implementing a Steam type UI in-game.  Blizz already has the voice servers setup for WoW's voice chat.  More than anything all that's really needed is an universal interface since the infrastructure and back end are pre-established.  

Shifting gears Titanfall is a fantastic shooter if you like quick, twitch action (at least on PC).  I've had games where I've been on fire (reigning supreme once) and I've had multiple games where I feel like I'm drooling on the keyboard sitting in the lowly bottom position.  During such matches the one thing that keeps me going is hunting the NPC characters... until players on the other team sit and watch and then mercilessly drop kick me or worse assassinate me.  Personal fact, whenever I'm bludgeoned or assassinated in a shooter... I'm coming for you.  Sometimes that ends in my repeated death replete with expletive zeal.  Others, sweet sweet vengeful victory.  Playing with a coordinated team in this game = success.  The price has dropped to ~$45 (PC and Xbone) which is a good entry point in my opinion.

For any interested I'm trying to complete Challenge Modes in WoW before 6.0 drops.  Enticement: all CM mounts will unlock after 6.0 drops.  That's 4 mounts!  Message me if interested AND these can be done cross-realm.  Additionally 6.0 alpha notes came out... mostly information that's already been circulating but Garrisons are more appealing than I originally anticipated.  SW:TOR like followers, elements of Warcraft III RTS base building, access to more professions, farm, pet breeding (hmmm), pseudo housing with real time events... intriguing.

A last note many new games are coming out this summer.  If you're looking into Wildstar, SWTOR housing update, hearthstone, Eve, ESO or NAME YOUR GAME HERE, drop a line on the forums or hit ones of us in game.

Take care, do great things, be safe.

P.S. I may "experiment" with the site layout/color palette (again).

Keeping up

Izark, Mar 20, 14 3:17 PM.
Greetings all,

We keep trucking a long.  A lot of new games are releasing soon or a lot of big updates expansions launching: Diablo 3, Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar, housing in Star Wars, Warlords of Draenor.  Not to mention Titanfall and a new Batman Arkham later this year.

Recently in WoW they've opened Siege of Orgrimmar up to cross-realm so if you find yourself on Dragonmaw, or elsewhere, get a hold of me and we'll find a time to defeat Garrosh, Ahead of the Curve achievement + mount = always a good thing.

Diablo 3's patch 2.0 update is also really good.  If you have D3 and gave up after your first time through it's a good time to revisit with the bonus XP.  The systems have been refined in a way that makes playing enjoyable, the three best changes are the clan/communities feature, the new loot system, difficulty change based on your  number of play throughs (no more inferno etc), paragon system revamp, and lastly dynamic difficulty.  Ok, that's more than three but trust me, the game is a much improved experience.  Also look up The Earthbound in D3.  It let's you see when others get legendaries which is cooler in D3 than it is in WoW (I guess raiding/pvp purples would be the closest comparison).  I have to say the legendaries in D3 are somewhere between an epic and legendary item in WoW.  The clan experience functions mostly the same as a guild in WoW.

Hope you're all well and my time will be constrained in the following months, work has picked up quite a bit.

P.S. If any one is looking for a game and you can pick up Brutal Legend on sale, do it.  The gameplay isn't revolutionary but if you like Jack Black + heavy metal + good fantasy story... the game will blow your soul. In a good way, obviously.
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